7 BedTime Stories For Your Girlfriend

Looking for bedtime stories for your girlfriend? We have compiled a list of the most romantic bedtimes stories for your girlfriend that will make her appreciate your efforts.

In today’s unprecedented coronavirus, when it is not safe to go out every day, you can spice up your romantic life by doing something different, like reading bedtime stories for your girlfriend.

I remember asking my boyfriend to tell me bedtime stories. Girls long for fairy tale romance, so romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend would be ideal if you want to impress her.

If you want to be her prince charming, read out the below cute bedtimes stories for your girlfriend and make her feel loved like a royal princess.

We have the most beautiful, extremely romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend list, to spice up your dating life.

Top 7 Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

1.First Kiss

sweet bedtime stories for girlfriend
sweet bedtime stories for your girlfriend

This story is indeed the most romantic bedtime story for your girlfriend on this list.

He said, “Kiss me.” During a romantic stroll under a dimly lit sky, he leans in for a kiss. When I take a step back, his face inevitably falls. To get him to look at me, I gently support his chin with my hand.

Please allow me some time. First kisses don’t have to be requested; they happen, she says.

He asks, perplexed if I’ve never kissed before.

No, not at all. I’m a little worried. Aren’t first kisses meant to be magical? And, as magical as this moment is, I resist kissing you because I am afraid things between you and me will not always be the same. I’m afraid you’re going to leave me. What if I kiss you and you pull away because you couldn’t taste the love that is bursting from my heart? She says

That’s when he pulls her closer and tells her that this would not only be her first but her last kiss with someone.

Scared a bit, she looks into his eyes and whispers, “I Love You”!

He makes the first move, and they share their magical deep, long first kiss.

Fast Forward, 35 years later, the once young girl, who is now in her 60s, shares this passionate story with her grandchildren and remembers her long-lost husband, who was once her boyfriend.

It was indeed my first and last kiss with someone! She concludes.

Moral of the Story: Appreciate and cherish each moment of life; you never know when a moment becomes the most treasured moment of your life!

2. Sweet Surprise

bedtime story for girlfriend
BedTime Stories for your Girlfriend -2

He was standing on his balcony with a heavy heart. Wondering how wonderful it would have been to have coffee with his wife.

But she was in a different country! He had to move to a different country for his new job.

His mind was racing with all memories of them together. The day they met in the halls of the high school, the day he proposed to her, the day he met her parents and persuaded them to offer her a hand in marriage, the day they married.

He had to leave her now. Thanks to the recession, he had been jobless for several months, and their savings were running out. That’s when, he got a job offer in a different country.

That’s when he heard the doorbell.

Guess who it was?

It was his lovely wife with a bouquet. He was taken aback, as well as perplexed. “After all, what is she doing here?” he wondered.

That’s when she told him about the proposal she’d been working on for two weeks without telling him about it. She had also landed a teaching job in the same country!

She wanted to keep this as a surprise as she did not want to stress him out after his job loss.

He was ecstatic that she had pleased him with such a beautiful gift. He was overjoyed, as now he would not have to stay away from the love of his life!!

Moral of the Story: Never Take Each Other For Granted. You Never Know What Life Has In Store For You.

3. Love Against All Odds

romantic bedtime stories girlfriend
BedTime Stories for your Girlfriend -3

When a young Catholic student wondered about the reasons for her teacher’s decision to become a religious sister, she heard a touching love story.

Many years ago, when she was around the same age, the teacher (let’s call her Ms. Patterson) fell in love with a wealthy young man. They started seeing each other and soon formed a close bond. Unfortunately, the relationship was frowned upon by the young man’s family. They even threatened to send their son to a foreign university.

Ms. Patterson, who came from a low-income family, could not have afforded to accompany him at the time. That meant, whether they wanted to or not, they would be apart from each other if they wanted to continue their relationship.

But they were both so in love with each other that ending the relationship in some way was out of the question.

As a result, they decided to flee and plotted their escape in complete secrecy, and when the young man’s family learned of it, they put their plans into effect. However, instead of immediately returning home after fleeing, the two never returned. They became members of the church, received holy orders, and traveled the globe on humanitarian missions.

They spent 40 years together traveling and even married shortly before the man’s death.

4. Love that lasts forever

short bedtime stories for girlfriend
Bedtime stories for your girlfriend -4

Samantha got a lovely flower bouquet at work one day.

She counted 11 flowers and discovered a brief note inside. It was written in lovely script and read.

“Until the last flower in this bouquet dies, my love for you will last.”

Her husband had left for a business trip and had left her a note. She went home in the evening, soaking the flowers in water, unsure what to make of the post.

The flowers began to fade in beauty one by one until they died all at once except for one.

That day she knew there was one long-lasting artificial flower in the bouquet.

5. Date Night

cute bedtime stories for your girlfriend
Bedtime stories for your girlfriend -5

If you are looking for cute bedtime stories for your girlfriend. This story is for you.

Ryan and his grand mother had always shared a special bond. He will stay with her for hours, listening to his grandmother’s life stories.

She once told him that she hadn’t seen his grandfather since high school graduation; this was one of the reasons she had never been invited to prom.

When Alex’s prom day came, his grandmother was ecstatic. She had been watching him save for months for him to be able to buy a tuxedo and even a limousine.

His grandmother couldn’t wait to find out who Alex was going to prom with.

But, much to her joy, he told her that he would be taking her to prom. He told her that every woman, regardless of age, deserves to attend prom.

6. Unique Love Story

romantic bedtime stories girlfriend
Bedtime stories for your girlfriend -6

Sofa sat and stared at the girl. It had never seen anything like her before.

She was beautiful and tiny.

The sofa was used to being looked at as an object, but no one had looked at the sofa so lovingly

Eager to make a good first impression, the sofa smiled politely.

“Roseline? Roseline! Come here!” Shouted the girl’s mother

“Don’t wander away again!” They both vanished from the furniture store.

Sofa asked its neighbour, a wise chair, what sort of girl it was so small and had such large eyes.

The chair kindly explained that it was a child, which would grow larger and become a person. Fascinating. It wanted to see the child again.

Moral of the Story – Love can ignite fire in non living things also. Armed by the power of love, you can even make an object fall in love with you.

7. A Friendly Tale

romantic bedtime story for girlfriend
Bedtime stories for your girlfriend -7

Two rabbits fell into a deep pit while walking through the woods with a group of other rabbits.

When the other rabbits gathered around the pit and saw how deep it was, they told the two rabbits they were doomed.

The two rabbits chose to ignore what the others said and attempted to leap out of the trap.

Despite their efforts, a group of rabbits at the top of the pit proceeded to urge them to give up. They’d never be able to figure it out.

One of the rabbits finally paid attention to what the others were doing and gave up, falling to his death.

The other rabbit kept jumping as far as he could. The crowd of rabbits screamed at him once more to stop suffering and die.

He jumped even higher and made it out in the end. “Did you not hear us?” The other rabbits asked when he appeared.

The rabbit told them that he was deaf, and thought they were cheering him to come up.

Moral of the Story: Think before you speak; it could be a matter of life and death for someone.

Romantic way to tell her the bedtime love stories

Now, you have a list of seven happy bedtime stories for your girlfriend. But, the question is, what is the most romantic way to tell her the bedtime love stories?

When you tell her a bedtime story, remember to make her feel romantic. Put your hand over her head or place her head on your lap and tell her the story.

She would feel extremely special when she hears your most romantic bedtime story.


Love is the purpose of life!

Without love, life is indeed very boring.

Let’s cherish each moment with our loved ones, and let’s make them feel special all the time.

The above seven romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend will help you make your girlfriend feel very special.

If you gently touch her head, put her on your lap and tell these stories. She is going to feel very special!

These stories are short romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend, that will surely sweep her off her feet.

Select your favourite romantic story from this list and make her feel like a royal princess

Do try telling these stories to your girlfriend and write in the comment section below, how did the experience go? We would love to hear!

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