25 Tips on How To Not Be A Dry Texter with Examples

25 Tips on How To Not Be A Dry Texter

How to not be dry when texting is a million-dollar question. You can avoid being labelled as boring by learning how to not be a dry texter.

What is dry texting? Dry texting is messaging with no interest.  How to not be dry when texting is an art that, if studied, may pay off handsomely.

This article covers all of the dos and don’ts of how not to be a dry texter. 

To learn how to avoid being dry when texting, one must find out what the primary turnoffs are while sending a text. The primary examples of how to not be boring are covered in this article.

Boring texters frequently send messages that have no relevance and can easily be disregarded. Not sending boring text messages is the first step in learning how not to be a dry texter.

What does dry mean in text? The dry text means a text which is not interesting. A dry text example is one-word texts like hmmm or ok. Such texts make you look very boring as they leave no room for the other person to respond to you and are hence considered dry texts.

So, how to text your crush without being boring? 

Below are tips on how to not be a dry texter. These tips will also teach you how to fix a dry text conversation easily. Learn how to make your crush fall in love easily.

Boring text messages may be a significant turnoff for many people! If you always wanted to learn how to text your crush without being boring, this is the only article you need to read.

Do you have a crush on someone but don’t know how to grab their attention? Read this article till the very end to learn how not to be a boring texter.

Being an intriguing person is one thing; being an interesting texter is quite another. We should all learn how to be a better texter, as this skill will help us enhance our relationships in all aspects of our lives. If you are clumsy, a dry texter tips guide such as this could come in handy.

 So, let’s get started and learn how not to be a dry texter and spice things up for the good.

The below tips will help you become a good texter and will help you spice things when it comes to messaging that gorgeous crush you have been admiring for a while.

25 How To Not Be Dry Tips With Examples

1. Don’t Send Forwards.

The first step to learning how to not be a dry texter is to not send boring forward messages.

Forward messages indicate that you are a boring texter and can’t speak for yourself. Sending an engaging text message is the preliminary step to understanding how to not be dry in a discussion.

So, the next time you want to text your crush, instead of forwarding a message, send them a genuine text. Send them a humorous text message to illustrate your sense of humour.

Below are some funny text message examples for your crush

  • I have to thank you for my sanity this year.
  • “Are you a magnet?” Because I’m attracted to you.”

The above funny text message examples will get your crush interested in you and your life. The first step in learning how to not be dry in a conversation is to send an engaging text message. These messages will teach you how to not be dry instantly.

2. Use Good Conversation Starters For Texting Examples

What to talk about with your crush is a very sensitive subject. Below are some tips on how to not be a dry texter with your crush.

The below good conversation starters over text examples will have your crush smiling in no time

  • “Hey, have you seen this new Netflix show?”
  • “Do you want to hang out someday?”
  • “Want to sample this new coffee shop’s excellent chocolate ganache this weekend?”
  • “Do you enjoy reading? I have discounts for a new bookshop; would you want to join?”

These examples will teach you how to text your crush without being boring. If you want to know how to text your crush without being boring learn to use these good conversation starters for texting and get the ball rolling in your favour.

3. Be Cute! Examples of Questions To Ask A Girl Over Text

Below are some good flirting conversation starters examples that will teach you how to not be a dry texter. The following are a few ways to tell your crush you like them over text. These are also some of the great things to say to your crush.

Following are some questions to ask a girl over text.

  • “Hey! How do you manage to look stunning every day?”
  • “Is Perfection a synonym for you? Since I cannot find a flaw.”
  • “Cute is an understatement; isn’t your face just flawless?”
  • “Do you think my heartbeat existed before I met you?”

Always wondered, what to say to your crush over text. We hope these texts taught you how to text your crush without being boring. The above messages will teach you how to fix a dry text conversation with a girl in no time.

4. Text Consistently

Just be consistent and always look for ways to start a conversation text. Understanding how to start a text conversation can take you places and teach you how to not be a dry texter.

How to not be dry in a conversation is an important skill to have. This skill will teach you how to not be a dry texter with friends or your crush.

Learning some of the good conversation starters mentioned in this article can help you understand how to not be dry in a conversation, which would be helpful to you for a lifetime.

5. Be Bold And Confident

Be Bold and confident in your texts. Don’t procrastinate and do not overthink if you do not get a reply. If you have always wondered how to start a conversation with a girl over text, the examples of what to say to your crush over text mentioned in this article will help you kickstart your relationship. So, be confident and bold while texting your crush.

Just use any of the text examples mentioned here and see how your crush reciprocates your feelings. The texts mentioned in this article are the type of messages you should be sending in order to learn how to not be a dry texter.

6. Use Good Conversation Topics For Texting

If you know the person you are texting well, good conversation starters will work, but what if your crush is someone you have not known for long? In such cases, you have to choose a good conversation topic so that they can feel interested and respond to you.

Some good conversation topics would be as follows

  1. Weather – Weather is an evergreen conversation starter; simply text that the weather is lovely with a photo of your coffee mug and ask whether they have coffee. This would be one of the very good conversation topics for texting.
  2. Hangout locations – Discussing hangout spots is one of the good conversation starters for texting. Tell your crush you can’t forget a delicacy you had at the previous café you visited. Inquire about their favourite restaurant in town! This would be one of the good text conversation topics for texting a girl.
  3. Other Mutual Friends – Other good conversation topics for texting would be to discuss mutual friends and how you know each other.
  4. Weekend Plans – One of the other good conversation topics for texting a girl is discussing weekend plans. Ask her what she plans to do this weekend, tell her about an intriguing event going on in town, and invite her to join you.

7. Dry Texts Examples and What to not text

What exactly is a Dry Text? Dry texting’s definition is as follows. Dry texting refers to sending uninteresting texts with no aim of engaging with the person you are texting.

Therefore, avoiding lame texts with no intent is an important step in the how to not be boring checklist.

Giving one-word responses such as yeah, fine, hmm, huh!, etc. is an example of Dry text. This is something you should avoid while following this how to not be a dry texter guide.

A boring texter responds to texts with one-word responses such as hehe, ROFL, lmao, and so on. These messages make you a boring texter. Don’t get us wrong, you may be a boring texter but great in person, but if you want to capture your crush’s attention, you have to text lovely things first so that they feel like they want to meet you in person.

If you respond with monotonous one-word messages like alright, no, ah, hmm, and so on, it becomes a dry text. Therefore, avoid giving one-word replies. Especially if you’re messaging someone you’d like to date. Don’t send bland text messages.

8. Learn how to make someone feel better over text with funny texts and memes

Would you love it if someone motivated you and made you feel better over text? In order for our vibe to match with a person, we all look for comfort with the person we are interacting with. Learning the art of how to comfort someone over text, can instantly draw people to you and make you a people pleaser wherever you go.

how to not be a dry texter with friends
Feel better meme that teaches how to not be a dry texter

Being a cheerleader for your crush and uplifting their ego when they need it is a key item on the how to not be a dry checklist.

Some examples of cheer-up text messages are sending funny texts, cheer-up quotes and also a feel-better meme like the below will instantly lighten up their mood.

9. Send sweet funny cheer up quotes

Sweet funny cheer up quotes can lighten up anyone’s mood. These are the most thoughtful messages one can send among all the how to not be a dry texter message mentioned in this article. These messages are usually motivating and nobody gets annoyed by seeing them. Here are some quotes to cheer someone up.

Some examples of positive, sweet funny cheer-up quotes are as below.

how to not be a dry texter with friends
how to not be a dry texter- sweet funny cheer up quotes example 1
how to not be a dry texter with your boyfriend
how to not be a dry texter – smile sweet funny cheerup quotes example 2
how to not be a dry texter with a girl
how to not be a dry texter- positive sweet funny cheer up quotes example 3
how to not be a dry texter with a boy
how to not be a dry texter – inspirational sweet funny cheer-up quotes example 4

The above texts have the ability to cheer someone up in a fraction of a second. Send the above sweet funny cheer-up quotes and see them respond to you with joy instantly. These texts are instrumental in learning how to not be a dry texter.

10. Examples of Things To Text When Conversation Dies

Try to be funny, witty and interesting in every message that you send your girlfriend or crush. Do not send boring text messages.

Avoiding small talk is a crucial part of learning how to not be a dry texter. Women are drawn to deep talks. You must exhibit interest in her life and be concerned about her interest. These are the things to text when a conversation dies.

11. Show your sense of humour

You might be wondering what boring text messages are. Well! Do you make a lot of small talk? For example, do you prefer to send hi or did you have lunch text messages? These text messages appear forced and are classified as dry text. You have to avoid making small talk over text, this is an important step in learning how to not be a dry texter.

Funny text conversation starters are always crowd pleasers. They will also teach you how to not be dry with a girl ever.

12. Be Inquisitive

Asking questions about their lives and showing an interest in their dreams and aspirations is what will make you appealing in their eyes. Asking questions such as, “How was your day?” or “How is work going are some of the things to talk about over text. These are quite boring messages.

13. Make Them Feel Special

Use emojis such as hearts, and smileys to make your crush feel special. Casual messages are appropriate for friends and relatives. However, if you want to catch your crush’s attention, you should avoid casual conversation, especially through SMS. Texts that include small talk might become tedious at times!

14. Don’t send good morning texts every day

Good morning messages might be useful at times. But not all the time. For example, if you met your crush and exchanged a nice hello! and then sent a good morning message the next day, it makes sense. It demonstrates your concern and consideration for him/her.

On the other hand, if you continue to send good morning text messages on a daily basis, your crush will likely take you for granted and consider you to be a boring texter.

Sending a good morning message on a daily basis is tedious and makes you appear desperate. It is critical to recognise that texts that offer value will not be perceived as uninteresting while learning how to not be a dry texter.

15. How to not be a dry texter on Snapchat or TikTok

In the age of social media, learning how to not be a dry texter on Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram is an important skill to have

A stalker is an extremely boring texter. And, honestly, no one wants to date a stalker. Especially on platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, nobody is actually sitting there waiting for their next date. After all, social media channels are not dating sites and we need to respect that.

You saw your dream girl! And then, you stalked her on social media.

Now, you feel the urge to send her a friend request or text her a “hi” on social media. Seriously, could you not do it? You would look like a stalker who is hungry for attention.

If you must text, here is an example of how to not be a dry texter on Snapchat or TikTok text. Your text message should be clear and straightforward. Rather than sending a random hi, a nice text message like “I really liked your profile and would want to learn more about you.” might help you attract your crush’s attention.

An honest text message is a secret tip for how to text your crush without being boring.

Look for good conversation topics for texting. This will make you appear serious and honest, rather than someone who is desperate for a relationship.

16. Compliment Them

Compliment your crush! Compliments go a long way and teach you how to not be boring.

Boring texters are full of themselves and can never complement anyone. An important lesson on how to not be a dry texter is to often compliment and flirt with your crush in a healthy manner.

Some examples of how to not have dry conversations over text are – If you are in the same school/college or work in the same office compliment them over what they wore the last day or how they spoke at a certain event or assignment.

Such messages will help you stop being dry and these are also a perfect example of how to text your crush without being boring.

17. Get Flirty

Sending flirty texts is fun! Get a bit flirty and if you feel the other person is also interested, get a bit naughty too. There is no harm in spicing things a bit!

18. How To Not Be Boring? Take Interest in Them!

This tip on how to not be boring will teach you to be helpful in other people’s lives. You must be genuinely interested in someone if you want to be in a relationship with them. Text them asking how their day went. If they have not turned up to work/school/college, ask them how they are and why didn’t they come to work. 

Everyone has difficulties in life! Either they desire something or they don’t like something and are forced to do it. Being genuinely interested in your crush’s life is one example of how to not dry text. 

19. Be Helpful

If you want to learn how to make a conversation not dry, this is the tip you should follow. You must not only be interested in their lives, but you must also be willing to offer helpful advice that can benefit them.

These things look trivial but will certainly give the other person an impression that you genuinely care for them.  This trick will help you not have any dry conversations over text.

And if you show concern for someone, that person is likely to reciprocate.

20. Ask them out on a date over text

One of the best things to say to not be a dry texter is to ask them out on a date. Yes, if you like somebody, you are most likely to be scared of asking that person out for a date in person.

Texting the same can be a lot easier.

Here are some how to ask a girl on a date over text examples. These are some of the best examples of how to get to know a girl over text.

  • hey! I’m at this bar. Have you been here? Would love to bring you out to this place sometime
  • Coffee at this cafe is really amazing, free to try it out this weekend?
  • I have got an extra ticket to this concert, wanna come?

The above text messages are some great examples of how to text your crush without being boring. These how to not be a dry texter examples will make you a good texter for life.

Stop being dry, be bold and ask your crush out on a date. This would also give them a perception that you are interested in them and want to know them better.

21. Be Honest and Direct

Boring texters often beat around the bush and are afraid to ask their crush out. In order to learn how to stop being dry, you need to learn how to be a fun texter who is not afraid to ask their crush out.

These messages will definitely help you get away from the dry texting zone.

You can directly ask them if they are free tomorrow and convey to them your interest to catch up for coffee. If your crush also likes you, the answer is most likely to be positive.

22. Take Interest in their life

If you share something in common, ask her/him about it. Everybody wants their partner to comfort them and take interest in their life. Below is an example for how to not be a dry texter with friends.

  • “Hey! The maths class today was boring! Want to catch up after class tomorrow?”
  • Do you like rain? I just love this season
  • I went on a shopping spree today, saw this cute top thought you might like it

23. Give Suggestions And Advice

Share your views on important issues that matter. Everybody likes a wise person. Sometimes, you need to talk about topics which have a lot of scope for discussion. These topics will also lead you to have a deeper conversation with your crush, eventually leading to better bonding. This will also teach you how to not be a dry texter. Some how to not be boring text examples are stated below-

  • “Did you see the latest policy change at school? It would make it difficult for us to get good college recommendations.”
  • Weather predictions are bad for this week, take care and let me know if you need help
  • Inflation has hit us again, looks like next year will be difficult for the job market.

24. Talk To Them About The Latest Movie or Series

You must have good conversation starters in order to avoid dry texting. Everyone enjoys a good movie or series; tell your sweetheart about the latest Netflix series you watched and see the conversation light up instantly. Below are some how to make a conversation, not dry examples that can instantly lighten the mood.

  • Hey! I just saw this amazing Netflix series/ movie. It was soo good! Did you see it?
  • Your favourite actor’s movie is releasing tomorrow, I have got 2 tickets, do you want to go watch it?
  • The second season of your favourite series is out, want to Netflix and chill this weekend?
  • Hey! I was planning a movie marathon with friends this weekend, want to join?

25. Share Interests

In order to learn how to be a better texter, you need to be an interesting person. Do you have a wide range of interests and skills? Do you enjoy living life on the edge? Nobody is drawn to a person with a dry personality. It goes without saying that if you have more exciting things to do in your life, you will have more interesting things to talk about. These aspects of your personality will immediately reflect in your personality, making you a better texter. Showing different aspects of your personality is key while understanding how to not be a dry texter. Here are some instances of how not to be dry over text.

  • Tonight I’m cooking at home! Send a photo of what you made and then ask them if they would like to try out the dish with you.
  • Just send a casual what are you up to? When they ask you the same question, tell them about the new sport you’ve begun.
  • Do you enjoy football or cricket? Talk to them about the most recent match and go over the highlights with them.
  • Do you enjoy exercising? Share your most recent workout picture with them with the caption only for your eyes”. This will quickly break the ice and transform a dry text conversation into a playful one.

FAQs on How To Be An Interesting Texter?

How To Text A Dry Texter?

Is your crush a serious person and a dry texter?

Are you wondering how to talk to a dry texter and get them interested in texting? If your crush is someone who does not like to text much, just send them a really funny joke that will make them laugh and see them notice you in no time.

What are the questions to ask your crush while texting?

Here are some questions to ask your crush while texting

1) I’m reading this book currently, are you a reader?
2) Tried this new delicacy, what is your favourite food? When they name the dish, just send it over to their house.
3) I’m renovating my room, wanted to know your favourite colour?
4) Which is your all-time favourite song? Take them on a drive and play that song.

Bored of texting itself? Texting memes or funny jokes is a great idea.

If you want to take your relationship to the next level. Just text them if they would like to talk now. If they say yes, pick up the phone and ask them what’s up. After that, compliment them over a call. The conversation will fall into place automatically.

What are the things to text when conversation dies?

Want to make texting fun? Include a lot of emojis and some exclamation marks. Say something funny and try to have an opinion on things. People always like people with strong opinions. Strong Opinions would make your crush either agree or disagree with you. Either way, you are making the conversation interesting and learning how to not be a dry texter for the other person. These are some ways you can learn how to not be a dry texter. These tips will make your texts interesting and not let your conversation die.

How to fix a dry text conversation?

A dry text conversation can be improved with may be improved with interesting texts that include gossip, jokes, or disclosing a secret about someone you know in common or even a star they enjoy. Making sure they are at ease is a critical step in learning how to not be a dry texter.

Well! It may seem terrible, but we humans thrive on gossip and knowledge. If you become a source of knowledge for your crush, he or she is more likely to become friends with you.

What is a Dry Texter?

A dry texter is someone who sends or responds to text messages in a bland, uninteresting manner.


Some people don’t like texting. As a result, they come across as uninteresting! My friends also think I’m a dry texter.

So, what’s the big deal? Does that make me a dry personality person? No!

This how to not be a dry texter tutorial can help you become a good texter for the rest of your life. This article will teach you how to not be a dry texter. It will teach you tricks and strategies that will assist you to nurture your relationships even while you’re texting.

But if being a dry texter bothers you, we have got you covered! In this article, we have covered everything about how to not be a dry texter.

We have touched everything from good convo starters, and flirty texts to how to not be dry when texting. We have also discussed the topic of how to be a good texter in detail with examples.

We have shared dry texting examples and good text ideas for you to be a good texter. This article will definitely give you a better understanding of how to get to know a girl over text.

Boring texters don’t always have a boring personality. You can be a boring texter but great in person. Sometimes even the most interesting people are boring texters.

So, please, instead of being hard on yourself, try loving yourself more. People will automatically find you more beautiful if you love yourself. If you practise self-love, your crush is more likely to fall in love with you organically.

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